Hazard has decided where is he going to play next season. Prepare yourself!

Hazard has decided where is he going to play next season. Prepare yourself!

In the summer, the club will have to decide whether to sign a new striker or to get rid of the player. The main task of the club is to strengthen the defense and to do this, the team will have a lot of options.
The most interesting option for the club, is to get Hazard out of the team. The player is not the best striker, but he is one of the most dangerous players in the game. The Belgian is able to score from any position in the field and he is able too to finish the game with a goal.

In order to get a better understanding of the situation, it is worth to watch the live scores of the matches of the Europa League. The team of the Royal Club is very strong and can easily win the tournament.
Will Chelsea win the EPL again?
The season of the English Premier League is already over, and the results of the games were not so good for the leaders. Chelsea was not so successful, too, but it is still possible to see the team winning the trophy.
In summer, Chelsea did not make a lot, but the team has a lot to improve. The leaders are not performing well, and they need to do their best to win the trophy again.
First of all, the main task for the team is to fix the problems in the defense. The players have not been performing well in the first rounds, so the team needs to do its best in order to be able to fight for the gold medals.
It is also important for the Blues to improve the results in the EFL Cup. The club has not won the tournament for a long time, and it is important for them to win it again. It is also very important for Chelsea to win at the Champions League, as the team does not have a good record in this tournament. The Royal Club has a good chance to win gold medals again, as it has a great squad.
All livescore football results of matches of EPL
The EPL is the most popular tournament in the world. It attracts millions of fans from all over the world, and this is a great opportunity to show your skills. The livescore results of all matches of this tournament are available on the website of sports statistics.
This season, the Epl has already ended, and now the main goal of the leaders is to win a place in the Champions league. The clubs of the Premier League have a great chance to do it, as they have a strong lineup.
Chelsea has a very good lineup, too. The Blues have a very interesting game, and their main goal is to finish in the top 4. The Champions League is another important tournament for the Royal club, and if the team wins it, it will be able not only to win more trophies, but also to win some gold medals in the international arena.
EPL fixtures, live scores, predictions
The first rounds of the EPl have already shown that the main problem for the Chelsea is the defense, as many of the players have been not performing very well. The problem is not only in the defensive line, as there are also some problems in midfield.
Many players are not able to take the ball on the field, and many of them are not used to playing in the team, as well.
However, the Royal Blues have an excellent lineup, and a lot can be done in the next season, as this team is very capable of winning the tournament again. The EPL fixtures are very interesting, and you can always find out the results on the sports statistics website.
Live scores of Epl fixtures
The Champions League fixtures have already ended. Now, it’s time to find out if the Royal team will be successful in the tournament, and whether it will manage to win its first trophy. The first matches of Champions League have already showed that the Royal Chelsea has a serious problem with the defense line.
At the beginning of the season, many leaders of the Chelsea were not performing at their best, and even the club itself was not very successful. However, now the team looks more confident, and its lineup is more balanced.
Among the main problems of the Blues are the following:
1. Lack of a good goalkeeper. The number of mistakes of the goalkeeper is very high, and he often misses the ball.
2. Lack in the form of a strong center of gravity. The attacking players often get lost in the middle of the field.
3. Lack a good selection of players on the flanks.
These are the main reasons why the team of Josep Guardiola’ Chelsea is not so confident in the matches.
But now the club has a chance to improve its results, and to win another trophy. It’ll be very interesting to see how the team plays in the future, because it is very difficult to win all the trophies in one season.
Fixtures of the Champions Cup
The next season of Champions Cup will be very important, because the team from London will have an important role in the competition. The teams of the top 5 leagues of the world are already very strong, and there is no doubt that the team that wins the tournament will be the main favorite of the tournament in general.
There are several reasons for this. First of all is the fact that the club from London has a really good lineup.

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