Messi will play against PSG with tear in his eyes

Messi will play against PSG with tear in his eyes

Atletico will be the main favorite of the tournament, but the Parisians are not going to let the Citizens get away. They will play with the team that has been in the Champions League for the last two years.
The main rival of the Citizens is Barcelona. The Catalans have a long history of winning the Champions Cup, but they are not the main contender for the title.
This year, the Catalans will be playing with the following players:
1. Diego Costa. He is a great player, but he is not the best player. He has a good game, but his team needs to find a better solution.
2. Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan is a good player, and he is a real leader.
3. Lionel Messi. He plays really well, but not always in the best way.
4. James. He can play in the attack, but it is not always clear who should play in that position.
5. Neymar. The Brazilian is a really good player.
6. Sergio Busquets. He also has a great game, and it is clear that he is the leader of the team.
7. Jordi Alba. The young player is a bit slow, but in the team he can really help the team, and the coach has already shown his interest in him.
8. Gerard Pique. The Argentine is a decent player, too.
9. Maxi Gómez. The Colombian is a nice player, who can play on the left wing.
10. Dani Alves. The Portuguese is a very good player and can be used in the center of the field.
11. Willian. The Belgian is a player who can be called a specialist.
12. Alba and Suarez.
13. Keita and Griezmann.
14. Isco.
15. De Jong.
16. Alcacer.
17. Icardi.
18. Silva.
19. Rodri.
20. Griezman.
21. Alonso.
22. Jardim.
23. Semedo.
24. Llorente.
25. Lautaro.
26. Delaney.
27. Moreno.
28. Perez.
29. Sanchez.
30. Busquet.
31. Herrera.
32. Torreira.
33. Pizarro.
34. Caballero.
35. Eto’o.
The team of the Catalons is the main competitor of the Etihad. The main advantage of the Catalan team is that they have a good bench.
In the Champions league, the team of Barcelona has a very strong lineup, which is very useful for the coach.

It is very important to have a strong lineup in the EPL, because the team is very strong and can win a lot of points.
It will be very interesting to watch the game of the Barcelona team, because it has a lot to show.
Will Messi be able to show his best game?
The Barcelona team is a strong and well-played lineup. The team has a long and successful history in the European championship.
Messi is a star player, so the team needs him to play in a very attacking way. The club has a strong bench, which allows the coach to rotate the lineup.
However, the main problem for the team in the current season is the injury of Lionel Messi, who is the team leader. The player is not able to play, and this is a big problem for Barcelona.
At the moment, the club is in a crisis, and they need to find new leaders.
Who will be their main competitors?
Barcelona has a serious competition in the domestic arena. The following teams can be considered as rivals of the club of Lionel:
· Manchester City;
· PSG;

· Chelsea;

· Liverpool;
· Arsenal.
All these clubs have a very interesting and successful season.
Manchester City is a team that is very close to the club. The players of the Mancunians are very motivated and are ready to fight for the champion title. The Premier League is very interesting, because in the last season, the teams played in a different way. It is very difficult to predict who will win the champion, but we can say that the team will be in a good shape for the future.
Chelsea is a club that is not in the same situation. The Blues have a serious problem with their defense. The problem is not only with the defense, but also with the midfield. The Chelsea players are not very motivated, and their game is not good.
Liverpool is another team that can be compared to the Mancelles. The Liverpool players have a great desire to win the Champions title, but their game does not always meet the expectations.
Arsenal is a serious contender for winning the champion. The Gunners are a team of young players, who have a lot ahead of them.

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