IMPORTANT! A new version of Football Manager is almost here!

IMPORTANT! A new version of Football Manager is almost here!

IMPORTANT! A new version of Football Manager is almost here! This is the first time that the game will be available to everyone. This is a chance to discover the latest news and to learn how to become a better player.

The game is available to download for free on the website of the company. The new version is packed with a lot of new features, which will allow you to improve your results.
The main thing that makes the game special is the fact that it is available for free. This allows you to discover new things and not to spend money.
Here, you will find only the latest information about the game, as well as the latest results. The information about livescore, goals scored, and other statistics are available here.
You can always find the latest scores on the site of sports statistics. Here, you can find not only the scores of matches, but also the results of other competitions.
Football Manager is a real football game, which allows you not to miss anything important. It is available on the Internet for free, and you can always learn more about it.
Main Features of the New Football Manager
The new version has a lot more features, but the most important are the following:
1. New interface. The game is now much more convenient to use. You can now find the scores on your screen and see the detailed information about each match.
2. New features of the game. Here you will also find the statistics of the team, the number of goals scored and the number and positions of the players.
3. New modes. The developers have created several new modes, which are worth mentioning here:
* Tournament mode. Here the game is played against other teams. You have to choose the best team for each match and try to win.
* Career mode. It allows you choose a specific player and see how he has developed.
4. New game modes. Here are the new games modes:
• Career mode – it allows you select a specific football player and learn how he is progressing.
• Time attack mode – you can select a match and see its results. You will be able to see how the team is performing in this match. It will be easy to see the results and how the player has played.
5. New statistics. The statistics of each match are now available here, as they are updated in real time.
6. New leagues. Here is the new league:
· Premier League. This league is divided into several divisions.
· The Champions League.
7. New formations. Here there are the possibilities to choose a new formation.
8. New players. You now can choose from a wide selection of football players. They include:
● attacking players;
● defensive players; and
● midfielders.
9. New football players and formations. You are now able to choose from the following types of football:
o fast attacking football;
o slow attacking football.
o attacking football with a balanced lineup;
· and a balanced team.
10. New tactics. Here it is possible to choose between the following tactics:
a direct attack;
b counter attack; and
c long ball football.
11. New transfers. Here we can see the new transfers of the teams.
12. New competitions. Here they are the Europa League and the Champions League, as the games are held every season.
13. New livescores. Here livescore is the number that shows how many times a player has scored a goal.
14. New video. Here new videos are available.
15. New calendar. Here a calendar is available, which shows the dates of the games.
16. New friends. Here players can be added to the list of friends.
17. New team. Here teams are available, as you can choose the team from a list of available teams.
18. New tournaments. Here competitions are held, which can be interesting for you.
19. New stadiums. Here stadiums are available to you. You just have to find them.
20. New clubs. Here clubs are available for you to choose.
21. New fans. Here fans are available from a huge number of countries.
22. New events. Here events are held.
23. New achievements. Here achievements are available in the game for you, as a football player. This is an opportunity to show your skills and to be recognized for your achievements.
24. New career. Here your career is developing.
25. New personal statistics.
26. New leaderboards. Here users can see how far they have progressed.
27. New options. Here options are available on how to play the game and how to choose your team. For example, you have the possibility to choose whether you want to play as a striker, as an attacking midfielder, or as a defender.
28. New challenges. Here in the new game mode, you are going to face a new challenge.
29. New difficulties. Here difficulties are available and you have to solve them. The game will become more difficult the more you play.
30. New leaders. Here leaders are available who are able to help you in the future.
31. New match.

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