3 tips to watch Derby vs Manchester United

3 tips to watch Derby vs Manchester United

Derby is one of the most anticipated games of the season, and the fans are waiting for the outcome of the game. The game is expected to be really exciting and interesting, because the teams have been playing for a long time.
The United team is led by Jose Mourinho, who has managed the team for a while. The Portuguese coach has a great team and he has a lot of options.
This season, the Red Devils are in the Champions League zone, and they are in a good shape. The team has a good lineup, which can be called a “tremendous”.
Derived from the experience of previous years, the team has already managed to win the Europa League. The fans can expect a lot from the team this season.
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The team has several stars who can be considered as leaders of the team. The following players are the leaders of Mourinho’s team:
· Diego Costa;
· Jorginho;
· Anthony Martial.
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How to watch the game?
The match between the Red and Blue will be held on the 21st of May. The last game of this season was a draw with Liverpool, so the team will play against Manchester United on the 19th of May at the Old Trafford.
After the game, the fans will be able to see the following players:
1. Wayne Rooney. The England player scored the first goal of the new season. The striker has already scored a lot, and he is now a leader of the Manchester United team, too.
2. Cristiano Ronaldo. The Italian player has already become one of Manchester United’ leaders. He scored a hat-trick in the match with Liverpool.
3. Anthony Martial, who is the second scorer of the English team. He has already won the Golden Boot.
4. De Gea. The goalkeeper of the club has already distinguished himself. He saved a lot and made a lot.
5. Nemanja Matic. The Serbian player has recently become a leader. He is the main scorer of Juventus.
6. Rashford. The young player from the United has already made his debut in the team, and his performance has already pleased the fans.
7. Valencia. The Spanish player has become a new leader of Manchester City.
8. Rooney. He scores a lot in the game against the Red. He will probably score even more.
9. Martial. He also scores a hat trick.
10. Matic, who plays for Manchester United. He helps the team to win a lot as well.
11. De Geay. The Dutch player has been playing in the Premier League for a few years. He became a leader in the middle of the table.
12. Rashford, who scored a goal in the first match of the championship.
13. De Ligt. The Belgian player is a new player in the squad of Manchester united.
14. Martial. The Frenchman has already played for the team and scored a few goals.
15. Mertesacker. The German player has joined the team recently.
16. Valencia. He was a leader for a couple of years.
17. De Jong. The Jong-Eun-Woo player has just become a member of the squad.
18. Pogba. The Parisian player has also joined the club recently. He can play in the attack of the main team.
19. Rashad. The Manchester United player has scored a couple goals. He helped the team in the fight for the title.
20. Rooney. This player has a contract with the club for a year. He still has a chance to score.
21. Martial, De Gey, De Ligue 1.
22. De Bruyne. The Belgium player has not yet played for Manchester united, but he is a good player.
23. Rashada. He plays for the club and scored his first goal for the Red in the new championship. The player is still young, so he needs time to show his skills.
24. Valencia, De Bruyn, Dey.
25. De Rossi. The Juventus player is also a new member of Manchester team. His contract is for 2 years. He is a leader, too, who can help the team win the title this year.
26. Rashley. The Sheffield United player is another new member.
27. Rashmersley. He joined the Red a couple years ago. He already scored several goals. His contract with United is for one year. At the moment, he is playing for the reserve team. It is not known what will happen to him.

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